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About us

Who WE ARE ?

We Are:

  • Halal Certification Center in Bulgaria.

What does exactly “religious certification” of Halal means, not only for the Muslims, but also for every consumer that do not have relation with Muslims? Consumers buy “religious” certificated products because they consider that the products are healthier and purer. The products that brings the certifications of Halal that controlled and monitored by corresponding organisms can be produced in any place of the world.

Halal Certification characterize the conformity of inmates products in the rules of Islamic Religion and requires concrete conditions as established by systems of hygiene, the traceability, the evaluation of venturousness, the labelling and his continuous follow-up of products from production to your table.

The word Halal is an Arabic word that means: objects, products or actions are acceptable if they are acceptable by the Islamic law.

We check, test and ensure you if your products or your services are achieved by the specifications of the Islamic religion.

Concretely WE:

  • Control the Specifications
  • Control the Products
  • Control the Production
  • Issuance the Certification