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The various sections of the QM and the Operative Procedures describe in detail and analytically (Flowchart) the various processes.

Operative procedure describe the whole audit and certification process.

The company’s activity is the audit and certification of HALAL COMPLIANCE of food industry.

The process starts usually with a clients relative request for HALAL audit and Certification.
After relative request a communication with the GM is performed. During the communication the procedure is analysed and agreed.

The process steps are:

  1. Contact by phone or email from client asking for procedure details.
  2. GM communication by email asking for product specifications and production outline
  3. Client sends information
  4. GM reviews the information and gives initial clearance for audit or not
  5. In the case of positive answer a contract and letter of understanding are signed
  6. Audit planned
  7. Client asked to send full documentation
  8. Auditor preparation
  9. Audit conduction
  10. Audit reporting and evidence collection
  11. Certification committee notification and approval
  12. Certification issue
  13. Notification to Shariah commitee
  14. Certification sent to client

The certification is valid for 1 year.
For the renewal, all the above stages are followed from the beginning.